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November 07, 2016 


March 8, 2016   Japan's IWC commissioner disproved unscientific article by anti-whaling scientists on journal Nature  
January 22, 2016  Statement by the president of the Japan Whaling Association (JWA), regarding the joint statement on Whaling and Safety at Sea by the governments of Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United States released on January 11, 2016 

 Q. How many species of whales are there in the world?
 Q. Aren't all whales endangered?
 Q. Aren't whales supposed to have a high level of intelligence?
 Q. If whaling is allowed again, what's to guarantee that over-exploitation won't occur again?
 Q. Is whaling still occurring today, even though there is a global ban?
 Q. The whaling debate has shifted from scientific discussion to arguments on animal rights as perceived by certain countries and groups. Since most Western nations are opposed to whaling, why doesn't Japan just abandon its tradition?
 Q. There have been media reports of whale meat on the market in Japan from endangered species. What is the situation?
 Whale research
 Q. Is the research being undertaken by Japan in the Southern Ocean an illegal activity not authorised by the International Whaling Commission?
 Q. How often is research conducted?
 Q. What are the types of research into whales?
 Q. Benefits from Japan's research program have not been promoted so it must be just a cover for whaling.
 Q. Why does Japan conduct whale research in the Southern Ocean when it is an international whale sanctuary?
  International Whaling Commission
 Q. Why was the International Whaling Commission established?
 Q. How many countries are members of the International Whaling Commission?

 Behind "THE COVE" digest
 You're still against eating whale?  
 Etes-vous toujours opposés à la consommation de viande de baleine ?

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