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Media Release
29 March 2007


The Japan Whaling Association today congratulated the All Japan Seamenís Union (AJSU) in their support for the safety of martime workers at sea by protesting the arrival of Greenpeace vessel Esperanza and preventing it from docking in Tokyo harbour.

ďOver years, Greenpeace has committed illegal and dangerous activities at sea, including in the Southern Ocean against Japanís Antarctic research program. Their violent actions have consequences and Greenpeace is now experiencing one of those consequences,ĀEthe President of the Japan Whaling Association, Keiichi Nakajima said today.

Greenpeace is an eco-terrorist organization who last year illegally used the bow of the Arctic Sunrise to ram the Japanese research vessel Nisshin Maru midway along the starboard side. As a result of direct contact with the ultra-violent Sea Shepherd group, Greenpeace were able to find the Antarctic fleet this year. Not only did Sea Shepherd deliberately ram the Kaiko Maru this year as well, they also threw acid at Japanese sailors and shattered glass bottles on the Nisshin Maru deck, resulting in injuries to two Japanese crew.

ďGreenpeace actions over the years have put Japanese sailorsĀElives at risk and the AJSU has sent a clear message to the world that they canít support such violence. You cannot conduct close quarters harassment on the high seas, ram vessels and prevent others from going about their lawful work and claim it is non-violent activity,ĀEMr Nakajima said.

Greenpeace Japan in the past has been embarrassed by the organizationís responses to Japanís research whaling. In a handwritten faxed letter intimidating the skipper of the Nisshin Maru which made an emergency call to Noumea after a fire in 1998, Greenpeace wrote:

ďTo the vessel's captain: We have fastened tightly the propeller of this vessel with chains. Our diver is now in the water. You cannot start the ship's engine. Signed: GREENPEACE "

Embarassed by the fax, the then Secretary of Greenpeace Japan, Sanae Shida, wrote to the skipper saying, ďI hereby profoundly apologize for a handwritten letter of inappropriate content addressed to the vesselís captain that was sent by Greenpeace today.ĀE/p>

ďWe applaud the seamenís union and encourage others around the world to protect maritime workersĀEsafety by condemning dangerous actions by Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd and other eco-terrorist organizations,ĀEMr Nakajima said.


For more information, contact Makoto Ito, JWA Secretary, +81 355 471 940

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