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Media Release
14 December 2006


The Japan Whaling Association (JWA), which promotes and protects Japan’s whaling culture, said was time for Australian Environment Minister Senator Ian Campbell to come clean on his ties to the eco-terrorist group Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd yesterday posted on their website details of a conversation between their leader Paul Watson and Mr Campbell, who told Sea Shepherd “he supported Sea Shepherd's efforts to oppose Japanese whalersE

He apparently also assured Watson that in the event of emergency that Sea Shepherd could contact the Australian Antarctic bases for support.

“This is a massive u-turn by Senator Campbell. He’s showing his contempt for international law and the International Whaling Commission. If he’s got the support of his government, the problem is more serious,Esaid Mr Keiichi Nakajima, the President of the JWA.

Last year, Mr Campbell condemned Sea Shepherd and criticised their actions. "The word deranged came to mind,EMr Campbell said when he read of their tactics. "Tactics that are clearly designed to harm or potentially harm the Japanese themselves will be incredibly counterproductive." (Associated Press, Canberra, 30 December 2005)

“Obviously Mr Campbell has had a change of mind and finds approval in Sea Shepherd’s actions,EMr Nakajima said.

This year at the IWC annual meeting in St Kitts and Nevis, Australia co-sponsored a resolution on the “Safety of Vessels Engaged in Whaling and Whale Research Related ActivitiesE The resolution was aimed at both Sea Shepherd, which is the only organisation to be banned from the IWC, and Greenpeace’s campaigns against Japan in the Antarctic.

The resolution demands that contracting IWC governments “not condone any actions that are a risk to human life and property in relation to research whaling and urges persons and entities to refrain from such actsE Furthermore, the resolution encourages IWC member countries to “ensure that the substance and spirit of this Resolution are observed both domestically and internationallyE

“Ian Campbell has taken this resolution, and thrown it out the window. In one move, he’s shown his contempt for the International Whaling Commission and for international law, and thrown his support behind illegal actions and eco-terrorism,EMr Nakajima said.E/p>


For more information, contact Makoto Ito, JWA Secretary, +81 355 471 940

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